Three Rivers Optical Clip-on Sunglass Lenses

Clip-on Sunglass Lenses

When your prescription glasses wearers are looking for an affordable yet effective form of sun protection for their eyes, clip-on lenses are a perfect solution. Typically more affordable than traditional prescription sunglasses, these clip-on options fit over the wearer’s existing prescription glasses and provide solid sun protection while allowing the user to enjoy all the benefits of their prescription.

We provide clip-on sunglass lenses from the following suppliers.


Chemistrie Sunlenses are not quite your traditional clip-on sunglasses. Using a magnetic lens layering technology, these clip-ons are made to fit any frame. They simply use a small magnetic insert that goes onto your existing frames, and this allows you to apply the Chemistrie lenses on top of your prescription, seamlessly altering the lenses on any pair of glasses you have.

Chemistrie’s Features:

  • Custom-made
  • Reader clip available +0.50 to +2.50, dual side AR
  • 3-D clip
  • Two clips available to reduce HEV light – Tech and Blue
  • Fits virtually any frame
  • Base curve matched
  • Extremely lightweight
  • 24 polarized lens colors
  • 5 titanium bridge colors
  • 3 magnet colors
  • 12 Swarovski crystal colors (permanent or magnetic)

Learn more about Chemistrie Sunlenses here.

Fantom Made in the Shade Sunclips

Fantom’s custom Made in the Shade sunclips provide your customers with extraordinary value and the highest quality, industry-leading rimless lenses and components.

Choose from:
Fantom Drill Mount
Designed in consideration of the needs of unique frames. The three-piece mounting system connects easily.

Fantom Evolution
Fantom’s semi-rimless “no top bar” custom clip (mounts behind the bridge).

Fantom Ultimate
A top-bar clip delivers a superb fit for a variety of frames.

Learn more about Fantom sunclips here.

Haven ClipOns

Haven ClipOns instantly transform your regular glasses into a pair of sunglasses. Using Optify™ Lens Technology and made from premium materials, Haven ClipOns are great for patients who want to add sun protection to their current glasses. Haven ClipOns come in Full Frame, Rimless, Fits Plastic (for plastic and thick frames), and FlipUps™.

Some of the features of Haven ClipOns include:

  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Polarized lenses reduce glare
  • Gentle Grip® protects glasses
  • 2X more scratch-resistant lenses
  • Repels water, oil, and smudges
  • Hard case and cleaning cloth included

Learn more about Haven Rimless ClipOns here.

Haven Fits Overs

As its name suggests, Fits Over Sunglasses fit prescription frames to provide ultimate protection from the sun. Haven Fits Over Sunwear™, PolarOptics®, and Solar Shield® Designer brands offer advanced lens technology and additional frame features for improved performance and value. The brands deliver multiple styles and sizing options, and provide an optimal fit for all prescription eyeglasses.

Learn more about Fits Over Sunglasses here.