Three Rivers Optical Frame and Lens Packages

Frame and Lens Packages

Three Rivers Optical always wants to bring you the latest in eyewear innovation. We know people may have budgetary constraints, so our Frame and Lens Packages from Three Rivers Optical let you pass on the savings to your patients. With this arrangement, when you order a specific make of frame (Success or Caravaggio), we can also provide you with a high-quality lens at a deep discount. This means your patients can experience innovative eyewear using advanced technology for a price they can afford.

Learn more about our Frame and Lens Packages below.

Success Eyewear

The Success Frame and Lens program from Three Rivers Optical is an opportunity for independent eyecare professionals to compete at a value price point. The Success and Runway brand frames are modern-styled frames that attract patients who desire a lower-priced product but don’t want to sacrifice quality for their ophthalmic frames and lenses. Any lens product is available in the Success Frame and Lens package. The program has metal and plastic frame options. Success frames can be consigned for select accounts. Please contact your Account Manager for details.


Caravaggio is Nouveau’s house brand, delivering a premium quality product for a value price.  The Caravaggio line is inspired by the painter Caravaggio.  The collection prides itself on delivering frames that range from traditional to trendsetting and savvy.

Caravaggio frames allow us here at Three Rivers Optical to offer eye care professionals deep lens discounts when purchased with a Caravaggio frame. A step up from other lens and frame package programs, this option gives unbeatable quality and value for the price. We have a wide variety of frame materials and styles in the Caravaggio brand. Any lens style or brand fabricated at Three Rivers Optical is offered at a discounted price when ordered as a complete Caravaggio frame and lens package.

  • Superior construction
  • Ideal for quality-managed vision care programs
  • Ideal as a second pair of frames
  • Captures the romantic culture of Italy
  • Ranges from traditional to trend-savvy styling

Learn more about the Caravaggio collection here.