Reduce Digital Eyestrain

When we think about how our workplaces have evolved over many years, most people think about things like how we use computers now instead of typewriters. When we consider how home entertainment has changed, maybe we remember old television sets and early game consoles. In reality, the way that we consume digital media and how many of us read and communicate at work has completely changed along with our daily habits and our lighting environments. All of these factors are contributing to digital eye strain and increased exposure to blue light.

Healthy Digital Screen Viewing Habits – Take Breaks

Most eye care professionals are aware of the risks of prolonged sitting and focusing at a close distance without taking breaks to rest our eyes. The 20-20-20 rule is a common bit of advice you may already give patients. This guideline advises people to take a break every 20 minutes to get up and focus on something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. People seem to be receptive to these tips because so much emphasis has been put on the importance of standing and taking breaks to walk instead of sitting for long periods. There is even more that you can do, however, to help patients reduce digital eye strain and help guard eyes against high-energy blue light.

Raise Their Awareness of Blue Light Exposure

Blue light has become an issue that eye care professionals need to know about. Patients are worried that the prolonged and widespread use of digital screens with LED and plasma technology is affecting their eyes. These types of screens rely on blue light for bright, crisp pictures that are worlds apart from the fuzzy, off-color images we used to see on tube television sets. It’s important to talk to patients about this kind of exposure as well as exposure from the sun. The sun is the largest source of blue light. We all know that eyes need protection from the sun because the brightness can cause discomfort and difficulty seeing, but blocking UV rays may protect eyes from disease, too. Blocking or reflecting blue light may go even further to reducing our risk for eye disease.

Know About Blue Light Products and Computer Eyewear

Many products exist to help filter or reflect blue light and help handle computer use in common indoor environments. The technology behind anti-reflective coatings has greatly improved as materials are invented to deal with the problems of modern life. Advances in lens materials have created a greater variety of lens options for computer eyewear, and for eyeglasses that are optimized for indoor environments. Progressive lenses in particular have come a long way for use with computers and indoor landscapes.

Digital Task, Office Designs, and Occupational Lenses

Three Rivers Optical offers several digital lenses for near and intermediate vision. These options are perfect for those who work long hours in an office environment or behind a computer. We deliver both in-house and brand name, high-quality designs that reduce symptoms such as eyestrain, eye fatigue, burning sensation, headaches and/or refocusing difficulties. Customization of the lens means that you can provide your patients with more options to perfectly fit their needs. Check out our digital lens offerings here.

Three Rivers Optical Shot Coatings

Lens Coating Options

We offer high-quality in-house coatings, as well as those available from top name brands in our industry. This gives wearers the ability to add protection from fatiguing glares and blue light as well as giving added convenience. A must-have for everyday lenses, the best coatings help resist dust, smudges, and water as well as distracting and dangerous glares. Read more about the coatings we offer here.

As modern life changes how we work, play, and exist indoors and out, eyewear will continue to optimize what we see. Talk to us if you have any questions about current trends or product offerings. We’re happy to help connect eye care professionals with resources to help grow their practices and improve the quality of life for their patients.