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Lens Coatings

Lens coatings (also known as anti-reflective or non-glare treatments) help extend the life of eyeglass lenses and feature several benefits. The added convenience and protection of coatings makes these lens treatments very popular with patients. The material helps lenses resist scratching and smudges, and has the additional safety factor of reducing dangerous glares. Below are the coatings available at Three Rivers Optical.

SeeMore Non Glare Coating


Eliza is our premium lens coating. It’s a value-priced non-glare lens coating made by Three Rivers Optical. These lenses offer a very faint and slight green reflection without the application limitations of the Crizal-approved lens product list. Our Eliza brand non-glare has a UV backside blocker to reduce UV radiation reflected into the eye from the back of the lens and a super-hydrophobic/oleophobic coating. The coating is scratch resistant, and come with a two-year warranty.

SeeMore CaratUV Advantage

SeeMore CaratUV Advantage is a super hydrophobic scratch resistant non glare coating with back side UV and a blue residual reflectance. 2 year 2 time warranty.

SeeMore Carat UV

SeeMore Carat UV is the same as Carat UV but uses a standard hydrophobic coating. Our least expensive 2 year 2 time non glare.


SETUV has blue reflectance, GETUV has gold reflectance. This is our lowest cost non glare and has a 1 year 1 time warranty.

SeeMore Clear

Don’t like the green, blue or purple AR reflectance? Your solution is our neutral reflectance AR, SeeMore Clear.

Crizal Non-Glare Lens Coatings

Crizal produces no-glare glasses designed to help you see the world as clearly as possible. Their coatings are not only resistant to debris and scratches, but they also give the wearer UV protection from the sun thanks to the incorporated back side UV blocker. This protection gives your eyes added comfort and protection from the sun, while glare resistance simultaneously combats fatigue from indoor lighting and digital screens, and gives you better clarity to see at night.

Three Rivers Optical has been Crizal-enabled since 2007. With the lone exception of Sapphire, we process all the Crizal offerings in-house. We are certified to do Crizal Provencia UV, Crizal Optifog UV, and TD2 Optifog in-house, but occasionally the work may be outsourced depending on the volume of orders we receive. To learn more about Crizal click here.

Kodak Non-Glare Lens Coatings

Kodak Anti-Reflection Lens coatings remove glare and cut reflections on your lenses to eliminate these common obstacles of clear vision. They maximize the amount of light that reaches your eyes, allowing you to have crisp, comfortable vision. In addition, the appearance of the lenses from the front is also sharp and without a distracting reflection, giving everyone a clear view of your eyes.

These modern lens coatings are great accompaniment for those who work indoors (especially in an office environment), drive often, and use computers and other digital media. The clarity of Kodak’s Anti-Reflection Lens coatings is also a great choice for nighttime wear during by helping to reduce glare from bright lights like headlights.

Kodak Clear and Kodak Clean & Clear lenses are in-house offerings available at Three Rivers Optical. This highly-recognized consumer brand can be used on many lens brands and is available for your Signet Armorlite Practice Plus rewards.

If you want more in-depth information about Kodak non-glare lenses, please go here.

Unity Non-Glare

Unity Performance brand premium non-glare coatings are all done in-house at Three Rivers Optical. They are the perfect option for Unity lenses and are part of the Unity Savings Program on VSP. The options are Unity Elite, Unity Plus, and Unity Classic. They are all available with or without backside UV. Select the option that best meets your patient’s needs.

For more information about Unity Performance Coatings, the features and benefits of each product can be found here.