We provide a wealth of in-house and name-brand lenses for your selection, customized to your specifications. Learn more about each lens brand we carry by clicking on the brand name below.


Chemistrie Sunlenses are not quite your traditional clip-on sunglasses. Using a magnetic lens layering technology, these clip-ons are made to fit any frame. They simply use a small magnetic insert that goes onto your existing frames, and this allows you to apply the Chemistrie lenses on top of your prescription, seamlessly altering the lenses on any pair of glasses you have.

Learn more about Chemistrie Sunlenses on our Clip-on Sun page or on their website.

Definity Golf

While your patients’ vision changes with age, their desire to improve their golf game does not. Definity Golf, from Transitions, are progressive sun lenses that help multi-focal patients eliminate the challenges of the outdoor golf course. The Definity Golf lens is a perfect combination of the Definity lens and the photochromic technology of Transitions lenses. This gives your patients the clear vision, depth perception, and sun protection they need to continue to succeed in their ever-improving golf game.

Learn more about Definity Golf Lenses at their website.

Essilor Lenses

Perhaps the most recognized lens brand in the world, almost every Essilor lens is produced in-house at Three Rivers Optical. Essilor lenses offer no-glare, sun protection, and progressive options, and are made from some of the highest-quality materials available today.
Essilor is represented by Varilux, Crizal, and Essilor lens products. Three Rivers Optical has been an Independent distributor of this brand since 1998.

To learn more about Essilor Lenses, please visit their website here.


Fantom’s custom Made in the Shade sunclips provide your customers with extraordinary value and the highest quality, industry-leading rimless lenses and components. Read more about Fantom Made in the Shade sunclips on our Clip-On Sun page or visit the Fantom website here.


Haven ClipOns instantly transform your regular glasses into a pair of sunglasses. Using Optify™ Lens Technology and made from premium materials, Haven ClipOns are great for patients who want to add sun protection to their current glasses. Haven ClipOns come in Full Frame, Rimless, Fits Plastic (for plastic & thick frames), and FlipUps™.

Learn more about Haven Rimless ClipOns and Fit Over Sunglasses on our Clip On Sun page here.

Hoya Lenses

Hoya has over 50 years of optical experience. Today, you can find HOYA lenses on board the Space Shuttle, in medical imaging devices, and inside LCD TV panels. More importantly, their desire to deliver impeccable vision correction keeps them one of the top companies in the industry, year after year.

Hoya takes the stance that their lenses and frames are scientifically engineered to be forgotten. This is a bold statement from a company strong enough to back it up. Their lightweight, highly-optimized design capacities are remarkable, and they offer products that meet a wide selection of prescription needs.

Hoya SYNC lenses allow one to focus in all directions and distance, but keeps one’s eyes relaxed throughout the entire process, throughout the entire day. This helps remove eyestrain and reduces muscular fatigue due to near-vision tasks. Learn more about Hoya SYNC lenses on their website.

As a distributor, Three Rivers Optical can provide all Hoya lens and coating products to meet your demand quickly and efficiently. Hoya’s Phoenix lens material has been a game-changer in the eye care market, in addition to their world class free-form lens technology.

Learn more about Hoya photochromic lenses visit our Photochromic page or visit Hoya’s website here.



KBco produces some of the world’s leading polarized lenses. Known as “the polarized lens company,” it produces lenses with unmatched outdoor vision by reducing dangerous glare and providing UV protection. The lenses offer more colors than just the standard brown and grey, offering unique shades like ruby and copper to the palette. All KBco lenses provide 100% UV protection, as well as E-SPF of 25 (they also provide the Xperio UV product range which has the highest E-SPF at 50).

To learn more about KBco, visit our Prescription Sun page or their website here.


Kodak Lenses

Kodak delivers lenses for everyone–all age groups, prescriptions, budgets, and more–and promises that each and every lens is the result of advanced lens technologies from a company that has been known for making lenses for a very long time. Perhaps one of the most recognizable consumer brands in the world, these lenses provide value to your practice, as well as additional income through the Kodak Practice Plus program.
Although Kodak non-glare lenses have been available in house for some time at Three Rivers Optical, a recent development has made the fabrication of Kodak digital lenses possible, as well.

Learn more about Kodak lenses here.


Based on military technology, NXT Rx sun lenses use a proprietary process called Confined Tint to offer Light Translation Technology to prescription patients. They are made with made with a Trivex material, an advanced polymer technology that provides strong impact resistance, optical purity, and lightweight performance. Every NXT lens is engineered to produce a specific spectral curve that optimizes transmittance across the entire light spectrum. This provides a glare protection and a dynamic brightness control to the lenses.

Learn more about NXT sun lenses visit our Prescription Sun page or visit their website here.

SeeMore Lenses

Freeform lenses deliver improved clarity and optimal vision correction for many wearers. With more customized vision correction, digital lenses are the future of custom eyewear. Learn more about Three Rivers Optical’s digital lenses here.


Shamir Optical Industry, Ltd., has been creating high-quality lens products since 1972. Their company has been built on innovation, technological advancements, and quality assurance. They are known for their quick response to changing consumer demands and their ability to fill custom-design, private-label product range orders.

Shamir started as a manufacturer of bi-focal lenses, and within 10 years became one of the world’s top ten companies to deliver progressive lenses. Their aggressive desire to be one of the top companies in the eye care industry has driven their advancements and achievements.

Three Rivers Optical was one of the first laboratories in the country to fabricate Shamir lenses in-house. We offer all the Shamir conventional PAL’s as well as their free-form offerings. These lenses are available with almost any in-house non-glare product.

For more information about Shamir Office/Autograph II visit our Specialty/Occupational Lens page or visit their website to learn about their other products.

Shamir Lenses - Three Rivers Optical Brand


Sunsync lenses are an ultra-responsive photochromic material that darkens quickly when exposed to sunlight. These lenses become clear once indoors and remain clear for indoor and nighttime use. The ultra-dark tint provides added comfort when outside, and is paired with 100% UV protection. Blue light filtration reduces your exposure to blue light rays that may lead to eye fatigue and increase risk for health issues as we age. Sunsync lenses come in gray and brown tints.

Learn more about SunSync lenses here.

Three Rivers Optical Discovery

The “Discovery” is an easy-to-wear mid-length corridor lens (minimum fitting 17.5mm) available in most materials. It has a generous intermediate and near corridor while providing a wider distance area in a conventional lens design. Discovery is a great value price for you and your patient.

Three Rivers Optical TR”O” SEG

The Three Rivers Optical “O” seg is one of the only fully customizable size and add power round seg lenses. It a round bifocal with a barely visible, soft narrow line. Perfect for the occasional PAL non-adapt, as an upgrade from a flat top, as a specialty lens (occupational double seg), or as a golf seg (rotating the segment to meet the patient’s need), and is the perfect lens for children requiring an add. Available in any resin material, widths from 15mm to 45mm at no extra charge from +0.50 to +5.00 adds. The “O” seg is an excellent customization tool to meet special patient needs. Learn more about it here.


UNITY Performance Optics deliver eye care professionals with a high-quality digital lens (with premium coatings) for every patient’s lifestyle. Using the latest technology to customize lenses to account for the patient’s prescription, the frame, and how the glasses fit and contour to the patient’s face, UNITY has created a solid product that eye care professionals can be confident in recommending to their customers.

Three Rivers Optical is one the first laboratories to be able to fabricate Unity products in-house. As a leader in digital fabrication and coating applications, we were uniquely qualified and selected to make Unity Lenses right here in our laboratory.

Want to learn more about Unity and the offerings at Three Rivers Optical, visit our Occupational and Specialty Lenses page here. Or check out their website here to learn more about their company and other products including Unity SVxtreme lenses.


The Varilux brand has become one of the best-selling branded lenses in the world. They are truly dedicated to their work, demanding high-quality products that exceed customer expectations. The company is also tremendously dedicated to providing you, the independent eye care professional, the training materials and education to dispense the lenses.

Three Rivers Optical fabricates conventional, “Enhanced,” and “Dual Optics” products in our lab, which all meet or exceed Varilux’s high level of specifications with sample lenses sent bi-weekly to Essilor for quality verification.

To learn more about Varilux lenses, please visit their website here.

Vision-Ease Lens

Vision-Ease Lens has been in business since 1930 and has grown to become a leading producer of ophthalmic lenses through superior technological advancements. Their objective is to develop products that are both innovative and unmatched in quality.

Vision-Ease Lenses offer a wide selection of high-quality brands that include Coppertone polarized , LifeRx photochromic, SunRx polarized, conventional Illumina, and Outlook progressive lenses. In addition, new digital offerings include the new dual side progressives Novel and Novella.

Learn more about Vision-Ease Lens on our Photochromic Lenses page or visit their website here.


Xperio® is Essilor’s brand for prescription polarized sun lenses. They contain a polarized filter inside the glass lens, and eliminate glare while providing protection from the sun. Learn more about Xperio Sun and Xperio UV on our Prescription Sunglasses page or on their website here.

Younger Optics

Younger Optics has a simple approach to the design of their lenses: strive to make the quality of their products and services the best in the industry as defined by their customers, with the result that both external and internal customers feel that they are “the easiest company to do business with”.

Three Rivers Optical has been a partner with Younger lenses for decades. Their Image, Trilogy, and NuPolar lenses have set the standard for quality products in the marketplace.

Visit youngeroptics.com to read more about their offerings, as well as the NuPolar app, which helps demonstrate polarized benefits in your office.

Younger Optics | Three Rivers Optical Brand

Zeiss Lenses

Zeiss is world renowned for optics and optical lenses. Zeiss delivers eye care professionals both single vision and progressive lenses. Their quality and technology is a culmination of over 100 years of growth and development, and their products are industry-defining. They also offer lenses that accommodate workplace and computer work.

The Zeiss technology creates customized lenses that are more accurate than ordinary lenses, and these lenses are also optically fine-tuned to specific vision requirements, no matter what is called for by your prescription.

Three Rivers Optical is authorized to make all of the Zeiss branded lenses–conventional, freeform, and prescription products. Achieving the high status of a Zeiss “Aligned” laboratory, this recognizable brand’s products are available from Three Rivers Optical.

Learn more about Zeiss Photofusion on our Photochromic Lenses page  or visit their website to learn about their other ophthalmic products.