Photochromic Lense

A pair of prescription glasses with photochromic lenses during the darkening process.

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses adapt to light using various reactions to reach the desired darkness and protection from bright light. Several companies now manufacture photochromic products that are available through Three Rivers Optical.

SEEMORE Quick Changers EXTRA

Quick Changers EXTRA lenses have all the benefits of the Quick Changers II lens with a little EXTRA. This lens is darker at all temperatures, it changes back to clear almost twice as fast as the leading extra-dark competitor, and responds to visible light, activating behind glass. It is available in gray and brown lenses. This lens is also considered a value photochromic coming in at 15% lower cost compared to other branded products.

SEEMORE Quick Changers II

Quick Changers II lenses help wearers care for their eyes by blocking 100% of damaging UVA and UVB rays. UV light is generally defined as invisible, with wavelengths between 100-380 nanometers (nm). UV light has much higher energy levels than visible light.

The lenses also filter blue light, especially when activated outdoors. Blue light is the portion of the visible light spectrum with the highest energy, usually considered to be wavelengths in the range of 400-500 nm. Sunlight is, by far, the largest source of blue light in our environment. The screens of our computers, phones, and other digital devices are also sources of blue light. Quick Changers II lenses offer protection against Blue and HEV light.

SEEMORE Changers 7

SEEMORE Changers 7 is a new photochromic product that now gives you the opportunity to offer photochromic tiers to your patient. Priced 40% below Transitions, this gives eye care professionals the ability to provide a quality photochromic lens for patients who reject Transitions due to its cost. Just as the industry markets non-glare products, Changers 7 offers a lower-cost, entry-level solution for price-sensitive patients who desire a photochromic lens.

Photochromic lenses comprise a little over 20% of lenses sold in a typical practice. Studies show that 80% of your patients want photochromic lenses. If the disconnect is based on price, this provides a new, significant opportunity to meet your patients’ needs.

SEEMORE Changers 7 is available in plastic SV, FT28 (1.56 only), gray and brown CR, gray and brown poly, SEEMORE SV and progressive lenses.

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Transitions Lenses

ransitions lenses change when they are exposed to UV light (such as sunlight). When this happens, trillions of photochromic molecules adjust their structure to darken the lens. Patients enjoy the flexibility of a lens that is light indoors, but automatically adjust to brightness when outdoors.

As a PPG product, Three Rivers Optical has been a significant Transitions partner since its inception in the early 1990’s. The Transitions website provides an amazing amount of practice management and marketing tools at low or no cost to help you grow your business.

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Hoya Sensity

Photochromic lenses offer versatility and convenience unlike any other lenses. Hoya Sensity lenses react to your lighting environment and darken when in the sun. Once you go indoors, these lenses fade back to full clarity. These lenses have additional features to reduce glare without compromising contrast or affecting color perception. Developed by eyewear specialists, Hoya Sensity lenses come in two different natural tints to darken the lens and provide a great look.

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SunSync & SunSync Elete

SunSync lenses are an ultra-responsive photochromic material that darkens quickly when exposed to sunlight. These lenses become clear once indoors and remain clear for indoor and nighttime use. The ultra-dark tint provides added comfort when outside, and is paired with 100% UV protection. Blue light filtration reduces your exposure to blue light rays that may lead to eye fatigue and increase risk for health issues as we age. SunSync lenses come in gray and brown tints.

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