SEEMORE Freeform Digital Lenses by Three Rivers Optical

SEEMORE Digital Lenses

Freeform lenses deliver improved clarity and optimal vision correction for many wearers. With more customized vision correction, digital lenses are the future of custom eyewear. Learn more about Three Rivers Optical’s digital lenses here.

SEEMORE Steady Maxx Plus

This is an Ultra-Personalized PAL using a Camber™ variable aspheric blank, incorporating IOT’s Steady Plus Design and Digital Ray Path 2 (DRP2). Super atoric back surface algorithms eliminate swim and image stability is enhanced providing wide, clear, sharp vision in all postures. Rx position of wear compensation (POW) adds another dimension of comfort and ease of adaptation for your patient.


Customized using DRP 2 and Steady Design to maximize clarity, image stability and minimize off center astigmatism. Your patient experiences wide fields of vision for distance, intermediate and reading. Uses a fully spherical blank with atoric back surfaces. POW compensation helps create an immediate level of comfort and clear vision.

SEEMORE Essential HD

Optimized with Steady Design to maximize all viewing areas. The lens is adjusted for PD, seg height and frame dimensions. Very comfortable vision in all viewing areas minimizing off center astigmatism. non-compensated Rx.

SEEMORE Performance Plus

Our best “value priced” progressive lens. We use current front side PAL design and digitally surface the power and progressive corridor onto the back side of the lenses. Easy to fit, comfortable to wear performance lenses at a value price.

SEEMORE Performance

Same as Performance Plus but no has no warranties, pair 50 or Rx changes. Priced 20% less than Plus.


Standard entry level full back side digital lens. Previous generation PAL design. Available in a wide range of materials and powers. A reliable “work horse” lens at a value price.


Basic full back side digital lens. Limited power ranges and materials. When price is the critical factor to “save the sale” or compete with” big box stores” Distinct is the lens of choice.

Digital Task Lenses, Office Designs, and Occupationals

We manufacture several digital lenses for near and intermediate vision, perfect for those who work long hours in an office or at a computer. We deliver both in-house and brand name, high-quality office designs. These lenses reduce symptoms associated with extended task-specific use, such as eyestrain, eye fatigue, burning sensation, headaches and/or refocusing difficulties.

Learn more about this kind of digital lenses on our Specialty and Occupational Lens page.