SeeMore Freeform

Three Rivers Optical digital lenses

SeeMore Freeform – Digital Lenses

Freeform lenses deliver improved clarity and optimal vision correction for many wearers. With more customized vision correction, digital lenses are the future of custom eyewear. Learn more about Three Rivers Optical’s digital lenses here.

SeeMore HD Lenses

A full back side free-form lens customized for your patient’s frame, PD, and seg height at conventional molded lens style pricing. Unwanted astigmatism is moved and minimized for each patient while widening the distance, intermediate, and near portion of the lenses. While not  a compensated rx lens, SeeMore HD provides the best vision, value, and patient outcomes in this lens category. Available in virtually any resin material and a minimum 13mm seg, these lenses are easy to fit, provide great optics, and allow for quick patient adaptation.

SeeMore ICU Lenses

A full back side free-form, this is a personalized lens that incorporates position of wear (POW) technology. By adjusting the power, the fields of vision are further maximized, which creates the feeling of a single vision lens but in a progressive addition lens. All this comes for a price at or lower than that of premium conventional style lenses. Any in-house non-glare treatment can be selected. Measurements can be taken in-office and labor default values will be used. The compensated rx is provided on the invoice for verification. See More ICU is also available in any virtually any resin material and fit at a minimum of 13mm.

SeeMore Value “F”  Lenses

The SeeMore Value “F” are full back side freeform lenses that have enhanced surface quality, clarity, comfort, and accuracy at a value price. There are absolutely no shortcuts in quality made to provide you with a great deal on these lenses. They have all the benefits of of freeform, but without the customization options (found in our premium SeeMore products). There is no better value freeform available anywhere. These lenses have a minimum fitting height of 17, available in Plastic, Polycarbonate, and 1.67. Transitions Signature 7  is available in all three materials.

SeeMore Value “Short” Lenses

Offered at a value price, SeeMore Value Short lenses deliver on patient outcomes at a great price. We’ve redesigned these lenses as a full back side freeform design while still providing our customers the same amazing value pricing that they have come to know and love. Available at minimum seg height of 13mm, you can count on these lenses to perform as well as, if not better than, many branded value products. They are also available in Transitions Signature 7 and clear Plastic, Polycarbonate, and 1.67. These lenses are perfect for your value- and price-conscious patients as well as your bottom line.

Digital Task Lenses, Office Designs, and Occupationals

We manufacture several digital lenses for near and intermediate vision, perfect for those who work long hours in an office or at a computer. We deliver both in-house and brand name, high-quality office designs. These lenses reduce symptoms associated with extended task-specific use, such as eyestrain, eye fatigue, burning sensation, headaches and/or refocusing difficulties.


Learn more about this kind of digital lenses on our Specialty and Occupational Lens page.