Three Rivers Optical Lab Equipment

Three Rivers Optical has been named as one of the top 25 largest optical laboratories in the country a number of times over the past several years. The only way to earn such a distinction is to offer the highest quality mass-customized products possible at highly competitive prices.

A big part our success is the skill and dedication of our people. Another is our strategic investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. From blocking, generating and surfacing to coating and edging, Three Rivers Optical is committed to acquiring the hardware and software needed to maximize our manufacturing throughput while maintaining or improving the high quality of our products.

XRT Lensmaker Generator

Case in point, Three Rivers Optical is the first optical laboratory in the world to have four Gerber Coburn Lensmaker XRT generators in continuous operation. Of course, some laboratories don’t even own a single Lensmaker unit and those that do use it to grind mostly specialty prescriptions. We run all lenses on the XRT Lensmaker because our customers deserve flawless surface quality and superior prescription quality

At the business end of the Lensmaker XRT’s computer-controlled precision turning system is a polycrystalline diamond cutting head that generates lenses finished to eight microns with no elliptical error. The XRT cuts polycarbonate, high-index and CR39 without requiring the operator to retool or recalibrate the machine for each different substrate. The Lensmaker delivers the efficiency and quality we need to help “OUR SPECS MEET YOUR SPECS.”

Acuity Lens Surfacing System

The Acuity Lens Surfacing System, representing some of the newest technology in the industry, was recently nominated for “Best In Class” honors by the Optical Laboratories Association (OLA) in their 1999 Awards of Excellence program. Three Rivers Optical already has numerous Acuity machines up and running, fining and polishing.

The Acuity Surfacer is a microprocessor-based system that allows us to run all materials, times, and pressures on a single machine. We used to run machines that were dedicated to fining or polishing at a certain pressure or a certain time. Many times these machines would be idle, waiting for jobs that required their specific settings. Now, the Acuity Surfacers run constantly and offer better throughput, better service, and a much better surface quality than older technology.
Our Acuity Finer/Polishers use a polish slurry system which brings the lens surface to a clear high sheen in as little as 6 minutes!

Triumph 3D Edgers

The same Triumph 3D edgers that won the 1999 OLA Award of Excellence are now finishing most of the lenses at TRO. This brand new, state-of-the-art, paternless edging system uses data from our computerized 3D tracing system to achieve ultra-accurate bevel placements.

Designed for high production throughput, the Triumph automatically maps the thickness and front and back curvatures of a lens in less than eight seconds. Then, a series of servo-controlled diamond wheels grind the precise edge geometry and features from rough cut to mirror polish in under 60 seconds.