Three Rivers Optical Specialty and Occupational Lenses

Specialty and Occupational Lenses

Three Rivers Optical manufactures several speciality and occupational digital lenses for near and intermediate vision, optimized for work up close and for viewing a screen on a desk. Customization of the lens means that you can provide your patients with more options to perfectly fit their needs.

Computer usage and specialty work in a desktop environment is very common among eyeglass wearers. More and more jobs and hobbies are done with small details, digital screens, and at a desk instead of walking through an open space. This creates a unique demand for specialty eyewear for many people.

We deliver both in-house and brand name, high-quality office designs. These lenses reduce symptoms associated with extended task specific use, such as eyestrain, eye fatigue, burning sensation, headaches and/or refocusing difficulties. SeeMore Screen, Desk, Office and Workplace make selecting the perfect lens easier than ever!

You provide the patient’s manifest prescription and ask them to select their primary working distance in the color-coded office diagram we provide you. Select the lens description that is the same as the color that was chosen and—voilà!—task lenses are simplified. Phenomenal as a second pair when you take advantage of our generous 50% off second pair discount. This means more profits for you, and your patient will love the variety so much that he or she will never settle on just one pair of glasses again. Full side free-form lenses guarantee accuracy, customization, and performance. They’re available in virtually all resin materials. Minimum fitting heights are 18mm and 14mm.

Our product selection includes:

SeeMore Screen
  • Clear, continuous vision up to 4.5 feet
  • Near and intermediate only
  • Great for people who use their computer and have near-vision needs for extended periods of time
SeeMore Desktop
  • Clear, continuous vision up to 6.5 feet
  • Near and intermediate only
  • Ideal for a “cubicle” person or someone who has extended desk work and near task needs
SeeMore Room
  • Clear, continuous vision up to 13.5 feet
  • From near-vision to room distance
  • Perfect for people who spend much of their day multitasking in a small office environment
SeeMore Workplace
  • A true workplace lens option
  • Wide near- and intermediate-vision with a distance vision area at the top of the lens

SeeMore Energ-Eyes Anti-fatigue

Energ-Eyes lenses are single vision lenses that have a small amount of plus power at the bottom of the lens. This helps relieve eye fatigue for students and professionals who read for extended periods of time.

It’s full back side free-form, so it’s customized and available in lots of materials. Please select “Low” or “High” Energ-Eyes based on patient age—“Low” for 18 years of age or younger, “High” for those over 18. Make sure you provide an OC height to get the perfect lenses for your patients who have visual fatigue symptoms or potential exposure to visual fatigue syndrome.


SeeMore Specialty Lenses

The TRO “O” seg is the only patented, fully-customized, digitally-surfaced convex-side-lined bifocal on the market. It is a round bifocal with a barely visible, soft narrow line. Perfect for the occasional PAL non-adapt, as an upgrade from a flat top, as a specialty lens (occupational double seg), or as a golf seg (rotating the segment to meet the patient’s need), and is the perfect lens for children requiring an add. Available in any resin material, segment widths from 15mm to 45mm at no extra charge, adds from +0.50 to +5.00. The “O” seg is an excellent customization tool to meet special patient needs.

The TRO “Blended O” seg is the same as the standard “O” seg except that the line is widened to further minimize the appearance of the seg line. Patients who are extremely sensitive to cosmetics will prefer this lens style. Learn more about the TR-O-Seg here.

Shamir Office/Autograph II

A “working distance” is described as somewhere up to thirteen feet. Working in an office typically requires 1 1/2 to 10 feet of continual, clear vision at all viewing angles.

Shamir Office/Autograph II lenses are occupational lenses that are different than progressive addition lenses. Here, the variable design spans the full reading prescription (at the bottom of the lens), and weakens as the eyes scan up to the top of the lens for mid-range vision. The middle of the lens is entirely devoted to intermediate vision. This is the only design available that uses this approach. This brings quality optics in both normal up-close reading situations, but also when viewing anywhere between 10–12 feet.

Learn more about Shamir Office/Autograph II here.

Unity CVx/CVxpression

In today’s increasingly technology-driven society, there’s a greater need for lenses to meet the needs of computer, tablet, and smartphone users. You now have a simple solution with UNITY CVx and CVxpression Computer Vision Lenses for your patients. CVxpression is available with Cascade Technology, incorporating Position of Wear measurement and a variable base curve.

The perfect solution for patients who spend more than two hours per day in front of their computer screen, UNITY CVx and CVxpression lenses offer optimal vision and comfort in the intermediate viewing area (up to 4’ and near-reading areas). These lenses are also beneficial for any of your patients with hobbies or jobs that have a high level of near and intermediate vision requirements. Like all UNITY lenses, UNITY CVx provides clear vision for your patients, with easy adaptation.

For more information about Unity CVx and CVxpression lenses visit here.