A pair of prescription glasses laying on top of a policies document.

Our Business Policies and Warranties


  • 20% Discount if paid in full by the 20th of following month.
  • For credit card payment to qualify for discount – authorization form must be on file so that charge can be processed on day after statement.
  • Economic stimulus – 5% of Rx purchases (discounted amount), if paid in full by the 10th of the following month, will be awarded in the form of a check (form w-9 required) or credit (towards next month’s bill). Cannot be deducted from payments. At Three Rivers Optical’s discretion, the transaction will take place in the current month but no later than the following month.
  • All stock sales are net, including frames (no discount).
  • Purchaser agrees to pay 2½ % per month service charge on items, which remain unpaid 30 days and over.
  • Customer agrees to pay all court costs plus attorney’s fees of 15% of the then unpaid balance if this matter must be referred to an attorney for collection.
  • Credit balance redeemable for merchandise only.

Account Status:

  • All accounts must be kept current.
  • Accounts with a balance in the:
    • 30 Day column will be placed on cod.
    • 60 Day column will be placed on credit hold.
    • 90 Day column will be sent for collection.
  • Accounts must be current to participate in all incentive programs, special pricing programs, etc.

Order Cancellation:

  • A prescription order will be subject to a 50% cancellation charge once the lenses are generated and returned within 30 days of shipping date.
  • Frame orders from direct sell suppliers may not be canceled once they are shipped from the supplier.
  • There is no exchange on direct sell frames.

Warranty+ Program

  • Covers all Doctor changes, SRC warranties, and frame changes.
  • If the account is signed up for the program it provides for unlimited reames for the like of the Rx, 2 years from the ship date of the original job.
  • Outsourced and specialty jobs are limited to 2 remakes in 2 years. A charge of $4.95 (max discount price) will be applied to all private pay invoices but covers both private pay and all managed care jobs when the account is enrolled. Loss of frame and Chemistrie clips are not included in the Warranty+ program.
  • Participation can be terminated by either party at anytime. All RX’s sent to Three Rivers Optical with Warranty+ will be covered until the termination date. Accounts with higher than normal “industry standard” remake percentages will be evaluated for continued participation in the Warranty+ program.
  • Enrollment in the program supersedes all other warranty policies.

Lab Credit/Warranty Policy:

  • Customer account must be current to be eligible for any warranties.
  • Three Rivers Optical reserves the right to request any lens to be returned for evaluation.
  • Warranties on discounted orders cannot exceed the value of net invoice.
  • Credits/warranties may not exceed 10% of your currently monthly gross expenditure with Three Rivers Optical.
  • Warranty on Complimentary job is limited to manufacturing defect only.
  • Credits/warranties will not apply if an account is non-active with Three Rivers Optical.
  • In order to receive credit, you must remake the job with Three Rivers Optical.
  • A time limit of 90 days will apply on all changes.
  • No doctor changes or non-adapts on custom-made or out-sourced orders.
  • No credit will be issued on edging errors.
  • Frame changes void all warranties.

Lenses Only Orders / Patients’ Own Frames

  • All lenses only orders will be cut according to box measurements provided or to a circumference size supplied by the customer. The customer assumes the responsibility to supply the lab with any deviation from that or supply a sample frame for edger sizing.
  • Three Rivers Optical is not responsible for breakage of patients’ own frames.

2nd Pair Program

  • Place your 2nd pair order at the same time as your first. Specify 2nd pair program on both and receive 50% off the lesser of the two. Or, if you can sell the second pair at dispensing (within 30 days of ship date of original) list the original invoice and 2nd pair program on the second order.
  • SEEMORE Value 2.0, SEEMORE Value Short, SEEMORE Performance Plus, Distinct 2.0, custom made, outsourced, glass, and frames not included.

Customer’s Own Lenses

  • Customer assumes all responsibilities and breakage for services (lens re-edge, lens dye, or stripping of coatings) performed on customer’s own lenses (all materials and coatings included).


  • Scratch coatings: 1-year 1-time replacement same frame and tint or manufacturers’ published warranty, whichever is longer, under normal wear. No scratch warranty on glass.
  • TR2 scratch coating: 2-year 2-time remake (normal use as determined by Three Rivers Optical)
  • Groove rimless: frames with a metal channel will not be warrantied in plastic, mid-index, or 1.74 material.
  • Drilled rimless: drilled rimless Rx’s fabricated in trilogy or polycarbonate, 1.60, 1.66, 1.67, and 1.70 will be warrantied for cracking or breaking for a period of 1-year 1-time (normal wear). Rx’s fabricated in other materials will be subject to manufacturers’ scratch warranty only (not including cracking or breaking). No instashades. No 1.74 Index. No mid-index.

Non-Adapts and Changes:

  • Progressives: All non-adapts will be credited the cost of the lenses and extras when a replacement lens with said extras is purchased.
    • SEEMORE Performance – only A/R warranty available.
  • SV or conventional multifocal: Non-adapts will be credited 50% of the lesser invoice.
  • Doctor changes: Fitting and Rx changes will be replaced at no charge 1 time in a time period of 90 days, and must have a legitimate warranty claim.
  • Any changes in tints, photochromic, material, bevel, edge treatment, or coating will be credited 50% of the lesser invoice within 90 days with a legitimate warranty claim.
  • A time limit of 90 days will apply to all changes.

Telephone/Internet Errors:

  • All phone orders will be read back and accepted as being correct. Any error will be billed at 50%.
  • Internet orders submitted will be accepted as correct. Any errors will be billed with a 25% discount.

Anti-Reflective Coating:

  • Coating replacement life of Rx 2-year with original invoice (normal use as determined by Three Rivers Optical – limit 2 times) for the following: SEEMORE StoneUV, SEEMORE JewelUV, Elizauv, Clearuv, Prevent Blue Hev, and Ultimate Blue Filter; SEEMORE Caratuv & Carat Advuv.
  • Coating replacement 1-time 1-year will be subject to credit as per Three Rivers Optical warranty for the following: SEEMORE Setuv and Distinct AR (total 1 time on Distinct 2 lenses/AR).

Frame Returns:

  • All frames returned must be in original packaging with invoice and reason for return.
  • No frames will be accepted for credit 90 days after the purchase date.
  • No frames discontinued by the manufacturer will be accepted for credit.
  • A service charge of 10% will be assessed for all frame returns.
  • Frame credits are subject to acceptance by the frame manufacturer and credit will be issued only after credit is received by Three Rivers Optical Company from the manufacturer.
  • No credit will be given to shop-worn frames or those that have had lenses inserted.
  • Frames purchased from direct-sell manufacturers are not subject to return.


  • All frame manufacturers’ guarantees against defective material will be honored.

Frame pricing policy:

  • Frames distributed by Three Rivers Optical will be discounted 20% off list price shown in the “frames” price list.
  • All direct sell frame suppliers will carry a service charge of $14.00 per frame (Rx or stock) – no discounts available.