Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription Sunglasses laying on a towel on the beach.

Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses used to be considered a luxury that many people viewed as unnecessary. Today, these add-ons or “secondary” pairs have actually become one of the hottest markets in eyewear. Prescription sunglasses are no longer uncommon or limited to a few frames and a couple lens options. Prescription sunglasses have grown into a designer’s market with any frame you could want and countless lens combinations, all while providing the desired quality, clarity, and protection patients need.


KBco produces some of the world’s leading polarized lenses. Known as “the polarized lens company,” it produces lenses with unmatched outdoor vision by reducing dangerous glare and providing UV protection. The lenses are available in more colors than just the standard brown and gray, offering unique shades like ruby and copper to the palette. All KBco lenses feature 100% UV protection, as well as E-SPF of 25.

Three Rivers Optical also offers KBco polycarbonate polarized mirrors in stock for lower cost and fast turnaround time on Rx mirrored lenses.

In addition, KBco also makes lenses for high-base wrapped sport frames. To learn more about KBco, please visit their website.