Educational Resources

Here at Three Rivers Optical, we believe in constant, continuing education. Our Account Managers are always available to provide new lens information and best practices to business owners and employees. We provide “lunch and learns” or dinner meetings for your convenience. In addition, below are some of the best offerings available to those in the eye care industry when it comes to learning more about the products, theories, and technologies that help shape it.


Useful information and optical calculators are available. Abbe values, resultant prism, thickness, spectral transmittance material charts and much more.


This quick reference guide is invaluable to determine if lenses are within acceptable ANSI optical parameters.


The Progressive Lens Identifier is now only available online.


Certification is an important part of the optical profession. Get Certified!

Dispensing Guide

This is a comprehensive training tool to enhance understanding of all things optical.

ABO Study Guide

Everything you’ll need to prepare for the ABO exam.